Scapegoats and the Hartlepool Monkey

In the apocryphal story of the Hartlepool monkey, the residents of the town hang a shipwrecked monkey for being a French spy. Why do we search for scapegoats and how can we prevent ourselves from blaming the wrong person?

In this podcast, we examine the phenomenon of scapegoating and try to understand the human desire to find someone else to blame for our problems. We tackle the concept of blame, look at how to avoid attributing it erroneously and consider whether the monkey was in fact guilty.

A few things we mentioned in this podcast:

- Was a monkey really hanged in Hartlepool?
- Miscarriages of Justice Registry
- Narrative Retribution and Cognitive Processing
- René Girard and the ‘Scapegoat Mechanism’
- Framed: Utilitarianism and Punishment of the Innocent
- Wiki: Sanctions
- Freedom House rights and liberties rankings

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