A Ten-year Newspaper

Traditionally newspapers are published daily or weekly, but what if they were only published every ten years or perhaps, even longer? How would you decide what stories to include and which ones should be left on the cutting room floor?

Inspired by a chapter in Tim Harford’s new book, “How to Make the World Add Up: Ten Rules for Thinking Differently About Numbers”, our latest podcast examines the news media. We look at how reporting has evolved over time, whether the constant influx of news is creating “news fatigue” instead of educating society, and attempt to unravel what should make an event significant or newsworthy. We try our hand at putting together our ten-year newspaper and discuss what we would include as special features and why.

A few things we mentioned in this podcast:

- Pew Research Center: All news by topic
- Wikipedia: 2010s
- Wikipedia: 2nd Millennium
- How to Make the World Add Up: Ten rules for thinking differently about numbers

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