Our research and development projects integrate many disciplines, always striving to offer rigorous methods and an original perspective. We want to help you answer your most difficult and interesting questions.

  • TrustChain

    We produced conceptual research looking at the challenges of implementing blockchain technologies in the context of identity management for airport staff.

    On behalf of the Home Office and the Department for Transport, we conducted a study into the implications of developing a blockchain-based identity management system for staff working at airports. This research involved designing and developing a concept demonstrator which enabled us to assess the practical challenges associated with implementing such a system. The research identifies the key design considerations that must be considered when using this technology within this context.

  • Gold Standard Dataset

    We built a gold standard structured text dataset using pioneering hybrid methods, drawing on crowdsourcing, machine learning and expert judgement.

    Using a hybrid approach that incorporated automated information extraction, crowdsourcing and expert tagging, we developed a gold standard dataset for the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory to use in their information extraction research. The dataset was annotated to a high degree of confidence and is now being successfully used in the training and evaluation of machine learning approaches to natural language processing.

  • Interactive Stories

    We have worked with professional authors and artists to create stories that help you explore future scenarios interactively.

    Aleph Insights has been involved in projects which use interactive storytelling to help the UK’s Ministry of Defence better envisage future scenarios. We have developed a series of novellas and graphic novels produced by award winning authors which explore themes such as cybersecurity, fake news and hybrid warfare. These stories, set in the near future, allow readers to make decisions and explore their consequences.

  • ARGA

    The Adaptive Report Generation Assistant (ARGA) is a tool which use intelligent technologies to help you write more exploitable reports.

    ARGA has been developed with funding from the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA). ARGA uses cutting-edge machine learning and natural language processing techniques to capture salient information from users as they write in natural language. This information can then be structured in terms of relationships, events and all the objects of interest, allowing analysts to make better decisions more quickly, without inconveniencing the author of the report.