About Us

​Aleph Insights is a London-based analytical consultancy that was founded in 2014. The company specialises in supporting strategic decision-making in business and industry, as well as in defence, security, intelligence and international affairs.

Meet The Team

Nick Hare

Nick Hare founded Aleph Insights in 2014. Since then, he has delivered analytical training, consultancy advice, and research to customers in government, industry, and the military. This has included analysis of innovation in MOD to support the establishment of the Defence and Security Accelerator, development and deployment of an algorithm to assess the accuracy of crowd judgements, and the generation of scenarios for future space traffic. Prior to establishing Aleph Insights, he worked in various roles across the Ministry of Defence, the Cabinet Office and the intelligence community for 15 years, most recently within Defence Intelligence, where he was responsible for professionalising intelligence analysis.

Peter Coghill

Peter Coghill joined Aleph Insights as a director in 2015, having had a wide-ranging career in intelligence, analysis, business consultancy and engineering. He has delivered a number of projects relating to systems design, cybersecurity, and machine learning for customers in government and the intelligence community. Prior to joining Aleph, Peter worked for BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, assisting military and other government customers by designing bespoke analytical systems and delivering operational support. He has also designed electronic testing and manufacturing systems in industry, and has worked as a systems analyst in Dstl and Defence Intelligence.


Chris Wragg

Dr Chris Wragg joined Aleph Insights in 2016 following a diverse career in government and academia. Before becoming a member of the Aleph team, Chris enjoyed a variety of roles including those of university lecturer, intelligence analyst, and speechwriter for government ministers. He also deployed to Iraq as an analyst, and spent two years working in Canada on behalf of the British government. Chris has led a number of projects for Aleph, ranging from the delivery of a major study into cybersecurity in the MOD, to the development of interactive fiction to assist strategic decision-makers.

Sara Nonu

Sara joined Aleph Insights in 2019 with international experience in geopolitical risk analysis to support policy development. She most recently spent four years working for the New Zealand Defence Force. Sara is well versed at engaging and collaborating with senior leaders and key stakeholders, presenting evidence-based analysis to influence decision-making. She has represented organisations at cross-government and international fora throughout Asia-Pacific and North America, and also completed a tour of duty with the United States Department of Defense in Washington D.C.


James Bayliss

James Bayliss joined Aleph Insights in 2020 following a diverse career in government and academia. Before joining Aleph Insights, he enjoyed a variety of lead data visualisation roles working in multidisciplinary teams for Thomson Reuters, Refinitiv and the Office for National Statistics (where he completed his PhD). His career has provided significant experience of producing data visualisation content for a wide range of media, audiences and end target aims, including developing MVPs and PoCs, and high-resolution, high quality visualisations for printed and online media outlets. He has worked on projects for World Economic Forum conferences, Davos and American and UK NGOs. At Aleph Insights, James provides data visualisation and creative design support.

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